Warm, Cool & Complementary Palettes at Center for the Arts | Entertainment

Now through October 5, 2021, the Center for the Arts features “Palettes: Warm, Cool, Complementary Colors” exhibits in clay, fiber, glass, graphic art, jewelry, mixed media, paintings, photography, and sculpture.

Warm, Cool & Complementary Palettes 7. Artist Sonny Kenn with Vintage Red..JPG

Artist Sonny Kenn with “Vintage Red.”

Color experts say that some images catch our eye faster than others, and the reason is the use of complementary colors. The natural contrast of complementary colors attracts our eyes, and we are intrigued by them. Besides the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, there are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, the complementary color to red is green and they can be blended together to create brighter colors or even a neutral hue.

Warm and Cool 101 – According to the color wheel, every color can be categorized as either a warm or cool color. Each has their own distinct feel and characteristic to it. We deal with warm, cool, and complementary colors when decorating our homes.

Warm colors are yellow, orange, red and combinations therein. They exude energy, positivity, and the playfulness of sunshine indoors. 

Cool colors are green, blue, and purple and make you feel calm, fresh, and relaxed.

Come and enjoy the various artistic displays and experience, warm, cool and intriguing color combinations from local artists. This was also a juried exhibit – congratulations to the following artists and their art pieces.

First Place:  Bea Stinson – “Cool Blue Fiery Lantern”.

Second Place:  Mary Pat Palombo – “There’s Beauty in Random”.

Third Place:  Vera Ripley – “I am Dreaming Dear of You, Day By Day”.

Honorable Mention:

Betty Newman – “Magical Muse”.

Joe Parisi – “Strawberry Grouper In Blue Azure Sponge”.

Margo Kostecka – “Areca/Eureka”.

Warm, Cool & Complementary Palettes 4. Artist Deb Crine with her silk quilt of Polar Bear On thin Ice and Nevermore, the Raven.JPG

 Artist Deb Crine with her silk quilt of “Polar Bear On thin Ice” and “Nevermore, the Raven.”

La Petite Galerie is featuring Terry Carter’s FUN modern abstract collection. Terry Carter has been painting for most of his life. He started in oil, watercolor and for the past several years transitioned to acrylics on canvas. To Terry, a blank canvas is scary, so he usually starts his project by putting something on the canvas and not worry too much about it. In his painting about the two red alligators, he started with a blob of green. He was also taught that when you are done with the painting, turn it upside down so you can see balance – he tries to incorporate balance in all his paintings. Early in his career he was mentored by Elsa Warner, a California “mid-century modernist.” His paintings are his interpretations of actual places such as Tigertail Lagoon on Marco and the “Marco skyline of condos.” 

Clay Highlights for August:  Starting August 16 and running through August 27, there is a class in carved/inlaid cylinders. If you’ve had previous pottery experience and want to get back into clay pottery, Sandy Moore Howe’s class will construct a cylinder from a slab and use carving and textural techniques on the surface. This is done on a flat plane. Once the cylinder is vertical, you will carve out negative spaces, in contrast to the positive space created by drawing. This class is open to all levels.

Warm, Cool & Complementary Palettes 5. Artist Betty Newman with Alice in Florida..JPG

 Artist Betty Newman with “Alice in Florida.”


Another fun class is Sandy’s Hand Built Tea Pots: Scheduled for September 13, 14, 23 and 24, 2021. Some hand building experience is preferable.

The Marco Island Center for the Arts was founded in 1969 by a group of dedicated artists and patrons. It has developed into a place to gather, to learn and become inspired. The program offerings include classes and workshops for adults and children. The Center for the Arts has become a showcase for local, national, and international artists in many disciplines. It is located at 1010 Winterberry Drive and is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information, please visit: www.marcoislandart.org.