The Center for Art & Entertainment in Hendersonville reinstates #safetheatre protocols

Originally granted monies by the City of Hendersonville and Community Foundation to provide attendees with a “Safe Theatre,” in addition to six-foot seat distancing, The Center for Art & Entertainment at 125 S. Main has elected to reinstate all safety protocols including social distanced seating and masking when not in place.

“The resurgence of the Delta variant and increase in area COVID numbers required out re-commitment to the safety of our patrons, staff and talent,” said Jeanie Linders, managing director. “We have returned our seating capacity to 50 percent, adding tables to maintain the ‘theatrical experience’ in a club-like setting for downtown Hendersonville. With innovative programming and safety protocols in place, we can continue to present top entertainment without increased risk.”

In addition to six-foot seat distancing, #SafeTheatre protocols for the public include:

• Pre-show six-foot standing areas prior to building entry and a six-foot exit strategy
• No pre-show lobby gathering; distanced beverage service; handicapped seating will be allowed early entry (attendee must make arrangements at time of ticket purchase)
• Complimentary masks for wearing upon building entry (masks are not optional at this writing)
• Hand sanitizing stations prior to building entry
• Pre-show theatre and restroom sanitizing
• Restroom sanitation and occupancy attendant

#SafeTheatre protocols have also been developed for performers, stage crew, volunteers and staff.

According to Linders, “Our schedule includes Club 125 S. Main, our lobby stage Jazz Happier Hour, Big Band Dance Parties and the return of Electra and the Hendersonville Symphony! We are fortunate to be able to work within new guidelines to continue to bring first class entertainment to downtown Hendersonville.

Most importantly, we want everyone to know that it is safe to come in … we’ve invested our monies in you! ”

Located across from the Tourism Development Authority, The Center for Art & Entertainment, a 501(c)(3) organization at 125 S. Main Street, can be reached at 828-697-8547 or

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