My wife wants to pay for her financially reckless sister’s wedding. She told me I was selfish when I refused

Dear Quentin,

My sister-in-law has never been good with money. She has a decent job, but for the 10 years I have been with my wife, she has always been broke. Anytime we see her, we cover her costs for things. We have even given her cash when she needed help with no expectation to be paid back. 

At Christmas, when we do a joint gift for my in-laws, my wife’s sister did not pay her part many times throughout the years. Now my sister-in-law is getting married and my wife is the maid of honor. Last weekend, they checked

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TikTok Video Shows Man Surprising His Wife With Lost Wedding Video

  • Drew and Kayla Gottfried thought their wedding video was erased after their nuptials.
  • A friend from their church ended up finding a copy of the video.
  • Drew surprised Kayla with a screening of it for their 14th wedding anniversary. 
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Drew and Kayla Gottfried thought they would never get to see their wedding video. 

The Oregon couple got married 14 years ago, and like many couples, they had their ceremony filmed so they could relive it for years to come.

But just after their wedding, they were told their wedding video was “accidentally erased,” Drew

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