Top Republicans move to protect Trump from Capitol attack fallout | US Capitol attack

Top Republicans in Congress are embarking on a new campaign of revisionism seven months after the attack on the Capitol, absolving Donald Trump of responsibility and blaming the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, for the 6 January insurrection perpetrated by a mob of Trump supporters.

Some House and Senate Republican leaders stated in the charged moments immediately following the attack that Trump was squarely to blame, and amid blood and shattered glass at the US Capitol, some even considered his removal.

“The president bears responsibility,” the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, said of Trump at the time, demanding that he

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Analysis: Trump and the GOP spin fantasies to hide his crimes against the Constitution

The audio came out on the same day Trump’s mouthpiece on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans spoke out against authoritarianism and abuses of power — but they leveled those accusations at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and not the twice-impeached former President.

It was the latest incarnation of a now classic tactic among pro-Trump Republicans and his media propagandists — an effort to not just excuse the former President’s conduct but to comprehensively alter the facts and public perception of the worst attack on Congress in two centuries. The shape-shifting strategy isn’t just a political device … Read more