Limits on indoor gatherings are back. So are lines at test sites.

In Hawaii, indoor social gatherings are capped at 10 people again. In New Orleans, drive-thru Covid-19 testing sites are back. And in Florida, a record number of people are currently hospitalized with the coronavirus.

As the hypertransmissible delta variant spreads through the United States, driving new daily Covid-19 cases to a six-month high, many parts of the country are experiencing déjà vu reminiscent of the early days of the pandemic — something experts say could have been avoided.

“This entire surge was completely preventable,” said Tener Goodwin Veenema, a professor and visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for

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Psaki not calling Texas Dems’ trip to DC a ‘super-spreader’ as more officials test positive

The White House said Tuesday that they are not characterizing the trip Texas Democrats made to Washington as a “super-spreader” event, as more officials who attended the meeting test positive for COVID-19.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if the event was considered a “super-spreader,” saying that “more than 10%” of the traveling Texas Democrats have tested positive.

“That is not a characterization we’re making here,” Psaki said, referring to the “super-spreader” term. “Vaccines are not foolproof. We know vaccines – I think these individuals have been vaccinated. That is

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