Connor Murphy signs 4 year contract extension

The Chicago Blackhawks signed Connor Murphy to a four-year contract extension the team announced on Tuesday. This is big news for the team as Murphy definitely signed a team-friendly deal with this extension.

The Connor Murphy extension will give him 4.4 million a season with the Blackhawks for the next four years starting in 2022-23.

Murphy led the Blackhawks last season in a lot of ways. He averaged 22:09 minutes of ice time a night, he was a great competitor every night that got under other teams’ skins while also being the best defenseman the team had. This season will

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Neighbors erect large Pride flag after school bans LGBTQ, BLM signs

Oregon residents built and erected a massive Pride flag that can be seen from the local high school after the school’s board voted earlier this month to ban Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and other “political” signs, flags and clothing from its campuses.

Newberg Public Schools, located about 20 miles southwest of Portland, passed the measure 4-3 on Aug. 10. Supporters of the ban said the signs would cause “more division and more anger,” while those opposed said such signs made students feel seen and helped comfort those who had been bullied.

A few days after the school board vote, local

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