Freddie Mac launches new home renovation mortgage, here’s how to get one

Freddie Mac announced a new loan product to help homeowners and homebuyers pay for home renovations. (iStock)

Freddie Mac on Thursday introduced its new mortgage product, the CHOICEReno eXPress mortgage, which will allow homebuyers and homeowners to pay for home renovations by funding the project through their mortgage purchase or refinance. 

Freddie Mac said this will save homebuyers and homeowners time and money, and give them the funds they need for home renovations at low cost with no extra fees and interest rates that mirror mortgage interest rates, which are currently at historic lows. The loan is

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How to finance a home renovation

couple renovating home

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to finance a home renovation without upending your monthly budget.

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It comes out of nowhere: All of a sudden, you hate the color of your walls. Or your bathroom sink. Or your kitchen countertop. 

Home renovations have been a popular method of whiling away the hours stuck at home during the pandemic. Searches for “home remodel ideas,” “home renovation cost,” and “DIY home renovation” peaked between April and October of last year, according to an analysis by Rocket Mortgage. And this year alone, more than

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This Is Your Chance to Be Cast on a Home Renovation Show

Home improvement TV is a not-so-guilty pleasure for many of us. But have you ever thought about appearing on a renovation show as a cast member? If so, Netflix has a sweet opportunity for you. Earlier this week, the streaming giant announced its “World’s Largest Reality Casting Call,” which is an open invitation for people all over the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to head to this website and submit a one-minute audition video for any of multiple hit shows.

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Home renovation projects on the rise, except in the Northeast

Home renovation projects in the Northeast appear to be slowing, with 54% of homeowners reporting significant home improvements compared with 56% in December 2020, according to a Harris Poll.

Commissioned by Selective Insurance, the study found that home renovations nationwide have increased since the start of 2021, with 55% of U.S. homeowners reporting substantial improvements that boost home values – a 25% increase from a similar Selective and Harris Poll survey conducted in December 2020.

Those results would seem to indicate that home improvements are continuing to rise despite reports about supply chain delays, increasing

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The home renovation craze of 2020 continues in 2021

The pandemic’s lockdowns, shelter-in-place rules, and general lack of anything to do outside of one’s own residence led many people to look at their homes in a new harsh light. Kitchens were less than ideal. Makeshift home offices were ergonomic wrecks. Outdoor spaces failed to offer the respite people suddenly needed. Almost immediately, people started wishing their homes were just a little—or maybe a whole lot—different.

According to the home renovation platform Houzz, many people decided to act on those impulses and invest in minor and major home renovation projects. Its recently released 2021 Houzz & Home Study puts

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‘BALLSY’ BACKYARD: Muskegon man finds 158 buried bowling balls during home renovation

When David Olson started demo work on his concrete staircase, he never expected to pull one bowling ball after another out from beneath.

NORTON SHORES, Mich. — Do-it-yourself (DIY) construction work is a real thing these days. People all over are learning trades so they can build and/or fix stuff and be able to finish home improvement projects without having to pay high labor costs.

A Muskegon man recently started a project in his backyard, only to find out it would “take a lot of balls” to finish it.

David Olson needed a concrete stairway inspected to learn why water

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