Neighbors erect large Pride flag after school bans LGBTQ, BLM signs

Oregon residents built and erected a massive Pride flag that can be seen from the local high school after the school’s board voted earlier this month to ban Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and other “political” signs, flags and clothing from its campuses.

Newberg Public Schools, located about 20 miles southwest of Portland, passed the measure 4-3 on Aug. 10. Supporters of the ban said the signs would cause “more division and more anger,” while those opposed said such signs made students feel seen and helped comfort those who had been bullied.

A few days after the school board vote, local

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Uhlmann Home Improvement proud to be ‘First Choice’ | Mg Pride 2021

For over 76 years, Uhlmann Home Improvement, Inc., has proven time and time again that it is the First Choice for local homeowners.

Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen Uhlmann Home Improvement, 11636 S. Pulaski Rd., in Alsip, and the company is owned by George Uhlmann, whose father Kurt founded it in 1945.

Uhlmann Home Improvement and its products are known throughout the Chicago area for high-quality workmanship. People are even more impressed with Uhlmann Home Improvement after they learn why its 76 years of experience matter when it comes to customer satisfaction.

During his career, George has come to

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