Internet Supports Bride Who Uninvited Mom From Wedding Over ‘Cruel’ Gift in Viral Post

A bride-to-be caught the internet’s attention when she claimed in a now-viral Reddit post that she had recently uninvited her mom from her wedding over a “deliberately cruel” gift.

Many online rushed to the bride’s defense and argued that she was right to cut off a “toxic” family member. But some experts have mixed opinions about uninviting wedding guests.

In the Reddit forum “Am I The A**hole,” a bride under the username u/ThrowraMom567 shared that she made the tough decision to uninvite her mom from her wedding after her mom presented her fiancé with a gift that left him feeling

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Washington Post fact checker attacks GOP for criticizing faulty study

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler published a piece attacking Republicans on Thursday for criticizing a CDC study, despite acknowledging flaws in the CDC study.

Kessler promoted his fact check titled, “The GOP’s attack on the CDC’s mask reversal and a study from India.” The study in question was used as the source behind the Centers

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