Pittsburgh Design Group Launches Endangered Species Card Deck Kickstarter Campaign | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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Photo: Courtesy of Bracks Collective

Black collective

Many of us have become aware of endangered species from an early age, and the shadow of climate change has diminished the importance of this issue, but it has not disappeared. It is exacerbated by pollution, habitat loss and poaching threatening many animals around the world. With this in mind, Pittsburgh’s new creative group has launched Kickstarter to fund projects that bring new attention to endangered or endangered species. did.

Bracks Collective, Pittsburgh’s new women-led design group, Kickstarter campaign According to the press release, the first project, Protected Pack, is

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7 Days in Pittsburgh: July 22-28 | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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Photo: Nick Paradise / Kenny Wood Park

Kids Fest at Kenny Wood

Thursday, July 22

Kids • IRL

It’s not summer in Pittsburgh without a family trip Kenny Wood..Hosted by the iconic Pittsburgh Amusement Park Kids fest, A thrilling weekend event for kids. In addition to riding the Kiddy Land roller coaster, Kidsfest includes meeting famous costumed superheroes, princes and princesses, furry friends and more. It will continue until Saturday, July 24th. West Mifflin’s 4800 Kennywood Blvd. $ 24.99- $ 54.99. kennywood.com/events

Event • IRL
This season is the perfect time to enjoy Pittsburgh’s city

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