Internet Supports Bride Who Uninvited Mom From Wedding Over ‘Cruel’ Gift in Viral Post

A bride-to-be caught the internet’s attention when she claimed in a now-viral Reddit post that she had recently uninvited her mom from her wedding over a “deliberately cruel” gift.

Many online rushed to the bride’s defense and argued that she was right to cut off a “toxic” family member. But some experts have mixed opinions about uninviting wedding guests.

In the Reddit forum “Am I The A**hole,” a bride under the username u/ThrowraMom567 shared that she made the tough decision to uninvite her mom from her wedding after her mom presented her fiancé with a gift that left him feeling

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Best Friend Makes Custom Game Boy and Ceremony Game as a Wedding Gift

Image for article titled Getting a Custom Game Boy and Ceremony Game as a Wedding Gift Is the Best Reason to Get Hitched

A Reddit user who goes by NiliusJulius just raised the bar on wedding gifts impossibly high with a personalized gift so wonderful that everyone is going to want to invite them to their nuptials in hopes of also getting a customized Game Boy with a matching game that plays an actual wedding ceremony simulator.

The gift started with a stock Game Boy Pocket that was upgraded with a new silver shell and a backlit screen which actually wasn’t the most complicated part of this custom creation. There are countless Game Boy upgrade kits available that make it relatively easy

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