Best Friend Makes Custom Game Boy and Ceremony Game as a Wedding Gift

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A Reddit user who goes by NiliusJulius just raised the bar on wedding gifts impossibly high with a personalized gift so wonderful that everyone is going to want to invite them to their nuptials in hopes of also getting a customized Game Boy with a matching game that plays an actual wedding ceremony simulator.

The gift started with a stock Game Boy Pocket that was upgraded with a new silver shell and a backlit screen which actually wasn’t the most complicated part of this custom creation. There are countless Game Boy upgrade kits available that make it relatively easy

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Sail away with man’s best friend | Arts Entertainment

There are quite a few very positive things that have emerged out of the past couple of years of crazy world activity. One, folks are going outdoors for adventure, and on varying adventures, more than ever. The good Earth is providing mental and physical stability. This is very good news. Another positive outcome is that folks have been adopting pets from shelters in record numbers. Out furry friends have also provided much needed peace and understanding.

Once we have a pet, we like to take that creature along with us on adventures whenever possible. Many people found their way into

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