HEALTH AND FITNESS: Your morning milkshake | Features

Breakfast is often thought of as the most important meal of the day, for good reason. Eating a healthy breakfast provides energy to start the day and can be helpful for weight control. In children, a healthy breakfast is essential for proper growth and development and is linked to improved attention and learning in school. Unfortunately, many common breakfast foods are more like candy and soda than a healthy meal to start the day.

This is also true for breakfast drinks, including coffee drinks. Many popular coffee drinks are more similar to a milkshake than to actual coffee!

Take, for

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Book of fine art features works by Michael Gibbons | Arts & Entertainment

A newly published fine art book, “Michael Gibbons – Painting in Nature,” depicts Gibbons’ extensive career and features more than 150 images of work from Oregon and around the world, integrated with Gibbons’ personal reflections on painting and his philosophy of creating art based on observing nature. “When I’m painting in nature, it is the divine experience of the land that feeds my inspiration,” said the artist, who passed away last year.

Born in Portland in 1943 and a fifth generation Oregonian, Gibbons actively painted the Oregon landscape for 55 years. 

In conjunction with this book launch, Giustina Gallery at

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