Huntington Museum of Art to presents American Paintings exhibition | Features/Entertainment

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Gerald Carpenter: Music Academy Offers Deep Plate American Pies | Art & Entertainment

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Nico Muhly

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Christopher Serone

There were no musicians in my immediate family.My dad loved music Al Jolson, Ted Lewis, And that Mills Brothers It threatened him. I didn’t go to many concerts as a boy or a young man. I grew up on vinyl. The composers who made me a music lover died long before I was born.

As a teenager, I started listening to the music of several living composers — mostly Shostakovich When Stravinsky; barber, Copland When Menotti. It wasn’t until I started writing about music as a journalist that I finally caught up

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HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE: 3 rug care tips from Tomball-based Great American Rug Cleaning Co.

Richard Middleton, owner of the Great American Rug Cleaning Co. in Tomball, offers advice for how homeowners can care for their rugs.

How can homeowners best care for their rugs?

[Homeowners should] start by vacuuming in the home, spot cleaning appropriately, rotating the rug at least a couple of times a year, and having your rugs cleaned for your typical household every couple of years.

What is the difference between in-home cleaning and taking a rug to get it cleaned?

When you’re coming into someone’s home you’re going to be utilizing, typically, a steam-cleaning-focused, or hot-water extraction, method. You can

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