Small Engine Repair at Alliance Home Improvement of Prescott Valley

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Many of us are too busy, or don’t have the capabilities at home to drain old fuel and oil out of a small engine on a pressure washer or weed whacker. Worse, our little engines that help us around our properties may sit for a whole year before we use them again and the carburetors then get fouled and prevent the motor from starting.

Don’t pull out your hair. Take those small motors to Alliance’s small motor repair. Alliance Home Improvement’s “Alliance Garage” specializes in small motor maintenance and repair. And, who better to run the Alliance Garage than a guy named “Harley”! (We just dropped off our pressure washer, pictured below!)

So, next time your small motor won’t start, check out the Alliance Garage and Harley at Prescott Valley’s Alliance Home Improvement Center on Glassford Hill Road behind Maverick Gas Station.

small motor repair alliance garage prescott valley


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