Sail away with man’s best friend | Arts Entertainment

There are quite a few very positive things that have emerged out of the past couple of years of crazy world activity. One, folks are going outdoors for adventure, and on varying adventures, more than ever. The good Earth is providing mental and physical stability. This is very good news. Another positive outcome is that folks have been adopting pets from shelters in record numbers. Out furry friends have also provided much needed peace and understanding.

Once we have a pet, we like to take that creature along with us on adventures whenever possible. Many people found their way into the sea aboard boats these past couple of years, for the first time. Motor boats and sailboats are going to owners as quickly as they become available. Today we are going to share a fine book for folks who have gotten a pet, dogs particularly, and would like to safely bring them aboard their new boats.

Sail With Dogs by Michelle Segrest is a terrific how-to book about sharing sailing adventures safely and smartly with canines. There are a whole host of topics covered that will help people who wish to carry their animal friends on the vessel for a sail, for short or long term trips. Peace and serenity often come with some solid basic knowledge, and this book provides it in spades. From the simple Mother Nature things, to customs and country regulations is all covered. This is a must read for people with bets on boats.

How enjoyable life can be when we slow down. A very interesting thing about dogs is how well they rest. They know when it is activity time, and they very well know when it is rest time. We humans could learn this lesson a bit better. We are still rushing around, when it is clear that measured pace and a more even keel seem to allow even more goodness to happen. We tend to lessen our mistakes and thereby save tons of time when we actually go more slowly. Thank dogs for showing us this simple fact of life. What is the hurry anyways?

Sailing is a fun activity because we are harmonizing with nature, not trying to defeat it as humans tend to do far too often. Getting the boat in line with the wind, trimming the sails, making little adjustments as necessary is an art. Sailing, other than rowing, is a pretty fine way to experience the ocean by boat. No motor droning, pollution emitting excess is required. Sail on captain! The Ocean State is renowned for its sailing skill and sail-ability. There are many nooks and crannies along our shore, 400 miles of it, to be experienced. Give it a whirl if you have the opportunity. Bring your pet if you can. They can and do enjoy it if they feel safe and secure. We can help them with this.

If you have a canine friend, and are going to consider bringing them onboard a sailboat, our book today Sail With Dogs is a very useful read. If you just would like to understand some of the rules and regulations regarding animals on boats, this is still a good read for you. It’s amazing how well nature unifies with itself. We humans are part of the larger system, and when we know and act this way, we have a better life experience. Thinks about this, and then get out there and have some fun, learn something new and live life well.

Enjoy and read on!