Is palm oil good for your health?

Is palm oil good for your health?

Sustainable palm oil is obtained from edible fruit that grows mainly in tropical climates. It has a high smoke point, a poor flavor and is fairly heat resistant. It’s used in many products from cooking spray to margarine. Is it good for you? Read this article to find out if the answer is ‘yes’.

Rich in saturated fats

The short answer to the question above is “yes” but the longer answer is “probably not”. It is rich in saturated fats. Some scientists have calculated that you can consume only saturated fats a day without having your LDL (“bad cholesterol”) level rise. However, if you combine it with monounsaturated fats (like olive oil) or polyunsaturated fats (like peanut oil) you can lower the level of LDL.

Is palm oil a remedy for cancer?

Palm oil was formerly believed to have cancer-fighting properties but newer studies have proved it to be no different than other vegetable oils in fighting cancer. Still, people should avoid excessive consumption of vegetable oils like palm oil for the same reasons that people should avoid regular olive oil and soybean oil. To keep HDL (“good cholesterol”) level elevated, it is advised to consume plenty of fish oil.

What you definitely need to know about palm oil

Palm oil is good for you but there are some things you need to know. To make sure you’re using the palm oil product that is in moderation and not using palm oil in excess, you need to know the following:

  • It contains in it an oil (monolaurin) that is good for your skin, but may make your body accumulate it which increases your LDL (“bad cholesterol”) level. You should avoid consuming more than 3 grams of this oil a day.
  • It contains in it vitamin B. Too much of this vitamin may cause the production of liver fat which may increase the risk of heart disease. Too much vitamin may cause skin aging as well as irregular periods.
  • It contains vitamin C. You should avoid taking vitamin C drugs.
  • It contains vitamin E. Too much of this vitamin may cause dry skin and liver problems.

What are substitutes for palm oil?

There are many other vegetable oils that are good substitutions for palm oil. Examples of oils that are very good substitutes for palm oil are soybean oil, corn oil, olive oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, soya oil, and rapeseed oil.

Cooking with palm oil

Palm oil can be taken in a cooking oil or in a supplement form and if you want to include it in your cooking oil, you should take it in its insoluble form. It’s more suitable for heating than for cooking. It is suitable for heating in large amounts but if you want to use it for cooking, you should choose virgin coconut oil instead.

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