Is ‘Descendants 4’ Happening? Disney SVP Addresses ‘Wedding’ Teaser

Is Disney Channel’s Descendants franchise indeed heading down the literal rabbit hole, for an Alice in Wonderland-themed — and possibly live-action — TV-movie?

At the close of the animated Descendants: The Royal Wedding (which premiered Aug. 13), Mal and Ben, after swapping vows and dancing the night away, excused themselves for a moonlit stroll.

“So, this what happily ever after feels like?” Ben asked, to which his new bride replied, “For us? Yes. But somewhere, another story could be just beginning.”

The camera then panned over to a pile of white roses — painted red, naturally — and led us down the rabbit hole before fading to black. The coda clearly was hinting at some sort of continuation, with Alice in Wonderland‘s Queen of Hearts as the main protagonist.

Addressing said cliffhanger, Lauren Kisilevsky, SVP of original movies for DBT (Disney-Branded Television), said on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, “The tease is a tease,” noting: “We have ended each piece of our incredible Descendants programming with, ‘That’s not the end of the story.’”

Kisilevsky, though, stopped short of confirming any new chapter, be it animated again or a return to live-action form.

“We know there’s such an appetite for this content… We’ll see where we get with the franchise,” she said, per Deadline. “It is our beloved franchise, just as much.”

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