‘In Flux’ artist Quia Z. Atkinson goes with the flow

For Quia Z. Atkinson, artist and owner of the QZ Design Gallery, Tallahassee is home.

As she goes from station to station in her garage converted to art studio, she takes joy in pouring technicolor liquid acrylics and resins across her canvas. The flow of paint redirected across the smooth, shiny surfaces resembles the fluidity Atkinson felt while moving around as a child. 

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Both her parents served as U.S. Marines, which means Atkinson grew up calling Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Norway home for a time.

Her paintings in the “In Flux” exhibit at the Artport Gallery reflect on this nomadic upbringing via the work’s experimental, flowing techniques. 

Quia Z. Atkinson's works are on display at the "In Flux" exhibit at the Artport Gallery.

“Moving around taught me resilience as a kid,” says Atkinson. “You have to be able to adapt and meet new friends fast. It also opens you up to different cultures, people, and ways of life, and I’m thankful for that. I think that’s shown in my art.” 

Out of the many states and countries Atkinson lived in, Rabat, Morocco, was by far her favorite. She can vividly recall the vibrancy of Moroccan culture, from shopping in the marketplaces filled with rich spices, meats, bejeweled scarves, and fabrics, to admiring the intricate trellis designs and basket weaving done by the women in the city.