How to Open Forex Trading Account on Trading Platform and Broker’s Website

How to Open Forex Trading Account on Trading Platform and Broker’s Website

People have been trading for foreign exchange for a long time. It is also known as Forex trading. However, many people still don’t know that much about it even though it is the common term that you will find whenever you try for assets trading. For that reason, we have this article for you. Let’s start by asking this question. what is Forex trading? 

Forex Trading Explanation

Forex is the abbreviation of foreign exchange. Therefore, Forex trading can be described as a network or platform where people who want to buy and sell foreign currency use. In many cases, people use Forex to learn and train about foreign exchange trading. However, with the convenient Forex system that we can find today, we also can make a profit from it. Are you interested? You can start it by opening a Forex trading account. Here, we are going to show you how to do that.

How to Open an Account for Forex Trading

You can choose two types of Forex trading accounts here. They are the demo and real account. A demo account is a good place where you can learn about how things work. Plus, people also use it to develop their starting strategy and trading style that can give those advantages.

How to open a demo account? You can use the trading terminal and broker website.

Trading terminal

  • Register at broker’s website,
  • Login with that registered account,
  • Download and install trading platform of your choices,
  • Open the trading platform and choose “Open demo-account” to get the demo account.

Broker’s website

  • Visit broker’s website and register for membership,
  • Choose the “Open account” option,
  • Pick demo account,
  • Get the account and choose the trading platform to start using it.

How about a real Forex trading account? It is the same as the method for opening the demo account. If you use the trading terminal, make sure you choose the “Open Account” option on the last part. You will get an authentication number that you need to use to make a deposit and refill your account. So, make a deposit and start trading.

As for opening through the broker’s website, it is also the same with the demo account. Make sure you choose the real account after it gives you the choices of accounts you can choose. Then, make an early deposit to this account and you can use it for Forex trading.

Regarding the real Forex account, you will find several types of accounts. They are the cent/mini/micro, standard/classic, and Premium/Professional accounts. Each of them has a different requirement, advantages, and disadvantages. So, choose wisely which account type you want to use.


Opening a Forex trading account will be the very first step in your journey in this investment adventure. Make sure you plan everything carefully. Learn and master every aspect of this trading before you start to use real money. Therefore, you will get the benefits that you want. That’s everything you need to know about how to open Forex trading account.