How to convince people that it is better to buy OEM motorcycle parts?

How to convince people that it is better to buy OEM motorcycle parts?

International trade is a reality. Although it has its positive points it also has some negative aspects. In this sense, many companies manufacture second-hand spare parts that do not have the same quality as OEM motorcycle parts. In addition to this, these spare parts are often much cheaper than the original ones making many customers prefer them to save some money.

However, when you analyze the performance of each replacement part you will find that they are actually more expensive than OEM motorcycle parts. To convince people that it is worth paying a little more you must show them comparative data. When people see in the numbers that an original part lasts much longer, they end up buying it. Safety must also be taken into account when people buy spare parts.

Cheap turns out to be expensive

If a customer tells you that he prefers to pay less for a second-hand replacement part you must make him see that this decision may be more expensive than he imagines. For example, safety must be taken into account when deciding on OEM motorcycle parts. When your customers ride their motorcycles they travel at speeds that can be dangerous if something goes wrong.

A poor quality replacement part is more likely to fail than an original one, putting the lives of your customers and others at risk. In addition, OEM motorcycle parts last much longer and protect other replacement parts with which they are connected. This is called the “domino effect”. This occurs when a poor quality replacement part causes damage to another original part.

How to offer OEM motorcycle parts at competitive prices?

The final step in getting people to buy original spare parts is to offer the best prices you can. To achieve this you need to have the support of a good OEM motorcycle parts supplier. Look for large suppliers with many years of experience. This allows you to buy in large quantities and offer the better prices.

Remember that the higher quantity you buy the better price you get. You should also have a supplier that offers you an online system where you can check their inventory of OEM motorcycle parts. In this way, if a customer needs one that you don’t have in your store you will be able to see in real time if your supplier has it available. If so, you can sell it to your customer upon request.