Home improvement guide: Ask a flooring specialist

The National Association of Home Builders offers routine home maintenance tips for homeowners looking to maintain their homes’ value and ensure their safety. (Community Impact Newspaper staff)

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What flooring is best for homeowners worried about flood damage?

Tile is great as far as being able to withstand [flooding]. Say your house floods. OK, your tile is fine, your floors survived the flood. But now let’s see the other side of the spectrum.

Say you were to drop something heavy … and you broke one of your tiles in the middle of your living room. You have [to have] extra [tiles] on the side. Even if you have extra, if you don’t have the right installer to actually be able to perform a very good, very discreet kind of repair, you are forever stuck with that problem.

With the [vinyl planking] click-and-lock option, you can … unclick everything, set it outside, let it dry and then put it right back inside.

What flooring increases home sale values the most?

Hardwood is generally the best return you can get on the flooring, but it’s also the most investment. It’s kind of a double-edged sword on that. … Honestly, if you’re not looking at a house that’s going to be at least a half a million dollars, putting hardwood in it is not something that the next homeowner is necessarily [going to] worry themselves with too much.

[Average homeowners should have] hard surfaces in all your common places and just carpet in the bedrooms.

Oscar Solorzano

Owner, IONE Flooring

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