Health Matters: We’re all souls on board | Health & Fitness

My pen feels heavy as I sit here trying to organize my thoughts for this column.

How do I convey to the reader the gravity of what people are feeling, experiencing and living with each day as the pandemic continues and once again surges?

How do I put into words what we are all seeing and feeling?

How do I speak to an audience that is in midst of potentially one of the most challenging and perplexing times of their lives?

We have all heard it and we are all aware that these are challenging and uncertain times. We are living it and have been living it longer than anticipated. So rather than providing you with current statistics on the increased percentage of mental health concerns and needs or information on the already saturated market of self-care, burnout and resilience, I want share that it is OK to not feel OK.

Know that you are not alone in these feelings. You have every right to feel the way you feel (e.g. angry, confused, overwhelmed, afraid, sad, defeated, exhausted etc.) It is also OK to experience and feel joy, love, happiness and laughter during these times as well.

Know that right here, right now you are doing the best you can with what you have. Know that you can pause and reflect rather than act. Sometimes by doing nothing we are actually doing something. Taking no action allows us time to turn inward, reflect and get quiet amongst the business of life and can ultimately lead to what solutions work best for you.