Health & Fitness coach, The Yash Thakur strides in realm of fitness industry

For fitness centres,
personal training is the most profitable service. The field has grown
significantly over the last two decades, with personal training consistently
ranking among the top five services given by health clubs. The most important
factor to evaluate is whether it aids clients in achieving their health and
fitness goals.

One such individual who has been assisting people is ‘The Yash Thakur’ founder of TEAM YT Master Transformers, a company that helps clients attain their ideal physique by providing training and dietary coaching.

From Common Man to Fitness Enthusiast

The fitness journey
of Yash began as a layman, and he was always very enthusiastic about
constructing a physique that would signify something special. While training,
he wanted to obtain more expertise, so he sought out all of India’s fitness
bodybuilders and coaches, but it was insufficient.

To expand his
knowledge, he travelled to the United States to study nutrition and advanced
training ideas and methodologies, which most Indian coaches still lack. He
participated as an athlete after returning in 2018 and won Mr Delhi body power
men’s physique, but that was not his ultimate objective; he wanted to generate
athletes who could compete on an equal footing with international competitors
in bodybuilding and fitness. His ultimate goal is to teach others about proper
nutrition and training techniques.

With his company TEAM
YT Master Transformers, Yash has transformed around 2,500 people to date, with
many of them being professional bodybuilders. He began assisting trainers from
all around India in finding better professions and relocating to other
countries, as well as providing career possibilities for them. He is one of
India’s top ten Master Coaches.

Currently, he teaches
people how to transform in a healthy and appropriate manner. He has over 19
nutrition and training certifications alone. Now he assists people in the
fitness industry in growing their businesses, building their own brands, and
finding stable employment in the same area.

Due to his
magnificent fitness skill, Yash has been a Chief Guest at practically every
bodybuilding competition or fitness event, where he inspires aspiring trainers
and nutritionists. He is not only into fitness, but he has also assisted
numerous businessmen in the fitness industry in opening gyms and supplement
stores. He is a 22-year-old millionaire at this stage in his life, having
established his brand. His ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the
importance of exercise and diet.

A Fitness Entrepreneur

Being the youngest
fitness coach in India, he has many enterprises, including TEAM YT Master
Transformers, a platform where people can reach out to him for help in becoming
their best selves. The second is TEAM YT Coaching, where he imparts knowledge
that no one else does because of the lack of nutrition and training expertise
in India, thus this is a brand that teaches individuals and trainers the proper
nutrition and training techniques.

In addition, he also
owns YT Enterprises, which he uses to help those who are having trouble with
their gyms and supplement stores, in which he assists them in improving
footfall and setting up their gyms; he has assisted in the establishment of
more than a hundred gyms across India. He also owns the YT Portal, through
which any distributor or an ordinary person can obtain 100% genuine supplements
at original prices. And is also planning to work with the Indian government to
establish fitness sciences as a degree programme, as there is no such thing in

The young and
passionate entrepreneur is creating his own supplement brand, which will be
called “Human Evolution Supplements,” after noticing the duplication
of supplements in the Indian market. He is not only a Master Coach but also a
clinical nutritionist, so he not only helps people with transformations but
also with medical issues. He has a team of doctors and nutritionists who advise
people on how to approach nutrition in order to become the best version of

For his extensive
contribution, he won Mr Delhi and was the guest of honour at the same show
exactly a year later. Under his guidance, he has also assisted celebrities in
transforming for specific parts they are playing. One of his main objectives is
to increase employment in the fitness business so that more individuals in
India can pursue professions in this field.

With such diverse talent & efforts to make a difference in society, Yash Thakur proves to be a real fitness enthusiast making his own name in the industry.

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