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Nico Muhly

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Christopher Serone

There were no musicians in my immediate family.My dad loved music Al Jolson, Ted Lewis, And that Mills Brothers It threatened him. I didn’t go to many concerts as a boy or a young man. I grew up on vinyl. The composers who made me a music lover died long before I was born.

As a teenager, I started listening to the music of several living composers — mostly Shostakovich When Stravinsky; barber, Copland When Menotti. It wasn’t until I started writing about music as a journalist that I finally caught up with the contemporary music scene and started looking for people to write it, especially Americans.

I will never catch up completely, Brett Maverick Earlier I said I was working on it.

therefore. For me, one of the most valuable elements of the Music Academy experience is Camerata Pacifica Experience — A number of talented living composers who get my attention in the process of the summer festival.

A good example is the chamber music concert held at Hahn Hall on July 29th.Called somewhat wisely the Mendelssohn Piano Trio, the first half of the evening was dedicated to the work of two surprisingly talented young American composers after the program’s final piece. Nico Muhly When Christopher Serone..

The concert begins with Muley’s three piano pieces, including the world premiere of “Crosswise” (consigned by the West Music Academy sponsored by Stephanie, Fred Schumann and Michele Brassin), followed by “Teacher-Student” and “Teacher-Student”. Move, “All played by piano faculty and staff artist Connor Hanick (with Nan Ni, a piano companion in the’Teacher’s Student’).

After that, Serone’s “I am Learn to love people “has arrived.

Finally, perhaps in return for our friendly attendance, Felix Mendelssohn’s “Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor,” played by violinist Wenki Ke (fellow) and cellist Mercy Korakki (fellow). 49 (1839) “was heard. Pianist Jonathan Feldman (teacher).

Whether you attended this concert or not, search YouTube for “Nico Muhly” and “Christopher Serone” or visit their respective websites to find out about these two great American composers. please look. When

(One of the treasures I found on the Serone website was that he was fascinated by Italo Calvino’s incomparable novel “The Invisible City” and was impressed with setting the novel as an opera. “No City” is formally a delivered monologue. To Kubirai Khan about the various cities Marco Polo visited, such as “Tall City” and “Thin City”.

At the end of the novel, Kahn asks Marco Polo why he didn’t say anything about his hometown of Venice. Marco replies: “I only talked about Venice.”

A more traditional gathering of American music is curated by Larry Rachleff for the Academy Chamber Orchestra at a concert called Appalachian Spring at the Granada Theater on Saturday, July 31st at 7:30 pm.

The program consists of three original Americana works. Leonard Bernstein’s “On the Town” “Times Square” (1944), Charles Ives’ “Orchestra Set No. 1”, and the better known “Three Places in New England” (1903) -14) Aaron Copeland’s ballet “Appalachian Spring” (1944).

The concert is a special thanks to healthcare professionals in Santa Barbara County for their tireless efforts to support the Santa Barbara community throughout the pandemic.

In my opinion, the best composer of this program Leonard Bernstein.. If you want to discuss the issue, please contact me. [email protected]

Copland is usually credited with creating a genre known as Americana, and “Appalachian Spring” is often quoted as the first full-fledged Americana composition. If Americana is a thing, it was invented by. Virgil Thomson, 14 years before Copland Ballet, “Symphony of Hymn Melody (1930)” —

For more information, please visit the Academy website directly.

You can also see the online version of the 2021 Festival Pamphlet.

— Gerald Carpenter does art Nuzauk Contributor.He can reach at [email protected].. The expressed opinion is his own.

Gerald Carpenter: Music Academy Offers Deep Plate American Pies | Art & Entertainment

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