Best Friend Makes Custom Game Boy and Ceremony Game as a Wedding Gift

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A Reddit user who goes by NiliusJulius just raised the bar on wedding gifts impossibly high with a personalized gift so wonderful that everyone is going to want to invite them to their nuptials in hopes of also getting a customized Game Boy with a matching game that plays an actual wedding ceremony simulator.

The gift started with a stock Game Boy Pocket that was upgraded with a new silver shell and a backlit screen which actually wasn’t the most complicated part of this custom creation. There are countless Game Boy upgrade kits available that make it relatively easy to upgrade the handheld’s internals, including bringing the screen into the 21st century with a high-contrast backlit LCD replacement so it can be played anywhere, and at any time of day. What sets this customized Game Boy Pocket apart from others is how it integrates the bride and groom who received it as a gift.

The Game Boy Pocket not only includes a recreation of a Game Boy game box featuring an adorable illustration of the couple sourced from their wedding invitations, but a fully functional game featuring them as well. NiliusJulius creates and sells custom Game Boy flash cartridges on Etsy that can be programmed with custom ROMs and software, and using the Game Boy Developer’s Kit (GBDK 2020) they programmed a custom game featuring a playable recreation of their friends’ wedding ceremony.

The game isn’t quite as ambitious as something like Super Mario Land. It mostly appears to be a text-based adventure requiring the characters to simply select ‘I do’ at the appropriate moments to complete the ceremony and the game, but it does feature the illustrated versions of the couple and is accompanied by music playing in the background. What’s not known is whether or not NiliusJulius included the Konami code giving the couple unlimited argument resolutions, or an infinite life of happiness together.

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