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About The Redington Long Pier

Come and experience the vast beauty and fishing pleasure.

The Pier is a priceless historic landmark that was first built in 1962 in the Town of Redington Shores, Florida. In 2007, the Pier underwent an extensive renovation project which involved the construction of all new pilings, deck-expansions, and complete board refurbishing. The property covers a 100-foot frontage of the beach shore and the parking lot property spans 31,800 square feet (.77 acres). The structure is also equipped with a large tackle shop, concession stand, several shelters, benches, and restrooms.
The Pier has served as a beach fishing site and tourist hotspot since its establishment, attracting people from all over the world to the sunny Town of Redington Shores which is a community complete with small and luxury homes, hotels, condominiums, retail shops, and restaurants. Visitors come to take a leisurely walk out on to the Gulf to enjoy a romantic sunset or to try their luck at catching any of the diverse species of fish that are regularly caught on the Pier. It has been ranked one of the best fishing spots on the Gulf, where both amateur and professional fisherman join for a common passion and frequently catch tarpon, snook, redfish, kingfish, flounder, drum, trout, pompano, whiting and even sharks.
In addition, visitors come to enjoy the local marine wildlife which is thriving with indigenous species such as sea turtles, crabs, manatees, sting rays, dolphins, and several types of coral reefs, which are exclusive to the Florida Gulf Coast.
Pier History
History of The Redington Long Pier
The Redington area was formed in the early 1930s, and is a true representation of United States heritage.  In 1930, Charles Ezra Redington purchased the land from David Welch, who at the time, owned most of the land from John’s Pass to Indian Rocks Beach. In 1935, Redington built his first permanent residence in what is now Redington Beach.
In 1962, the pier was constructed by Charles Redington. The wooden fishing pier jutting into the Gulf was a common sight along the beaches during the postwar era. The Redington Long Pier in Redington Shores is the lone survivor today amongst eight piers that were co-exiting together.    
Two months after the pier opened, Erine Torok, an Ohio native, took a vacation to Florida in 1962 to experience some of the marvelous fishing he had heard about. Torok was fascinated by the pier orginal structure, which stretched 1,021 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. Six years later, Torok and his wife Wilda sold their dog shop and bought the Pier. , and added public amenities (i.e., restrooms, shelters, parking lot, etc.) so that this attraction can be easily accessible to the public that come to appreciate its historic value.         
On December 27, 1985, the Pier lost 300 feet when a runaway 250 foot-long barge carrying 5,000 tons of rock plowed into the end of the wooden pier structure. Within the same year, Torok was able to repair the pier while still maintaining and reusing its original integrity and historic structure.
After Torok died in 1998, the management of the Pier then fell into the hands of AmSouth Bank, in which the Pier began to become badly neglected during the course of major huuricanes and tropical storms.
 The Antonious Family immediately saw the historic value and opportunity to preserve the pier’s structure, and bought it from AmSouth Bank to save it from further neglect.     

In order to save the pier, the new owners spared at no expense in seeking to preserve this over 52 year-old landmark. The Antonious Family is committed to daily maintenance of the Pier as well as continuing to work do all that they can to keep the Pier safe for the public, while maintaining it’s historic worth for the local experience. The Antonious Family appreciates all the community support as we all together strive to preserve this soon-to-bee historic landmark, which will be remembered for future generations to come.
Torok, himself, has caught many tarpon, the last of which is still mounted on the wall by the bait house today. The Redington Long Pier has been home for Torok until he died. Locals and travelers from out of state and country still come to the Pier today and gaze at the memorable sign Torok hung at the Pier entrance which reads: The Gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men’s lives the hours spent on fishing.

Meet The Team
Tony Antonious
Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Tony has been both the Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer since 1999. He has a Masters Degree from Long Island University in Finance. He has over 40 years of small business and finance experience. His liesure activities  include fishing and playing poker. You will usually find Tony with a large hunting hat working out at the Pier doing regular regular maintenance and keeping up with the pier's safety. 
"I've learned that people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
Sue has been the General Manager and Chief Operations Officer since 1999. She has a Bachelor's degree in Biology with experience in marine life. She has over 30 year s of small business experience in managing large staff members, operational training, and business operations, Sue oversees all day to day operations at the pier and manages all staff and security. You will usually find Sue with her guard dog during the day, as she loves to spend time with her staff.
Sue Antonious
General Manager & Chief Operations Officer
"Come to the pier, what do you have to lose? You will always come home with dinner."